Let electric vehicles "resurrection with blood" quickly, and the battery swap mode will trigger industry changes

  服务案例     |      2022-08-09 16:37:45

By exchanging electricity at the swapping station, pure electric vehicles can be "resurrected" in a few minutes. Many vehicle companies, battery companies and even energy companies have entered the market one after another to grab market share in the battery swap industry.


With the increase in the number of terminal new energy vehicles and the continuous increase in the penetration rate of new energy vehicles, the problem that it is difficult to meet the needs of users for energy supplementation has become increasingly prominent. Whether it is the uneven distribution of charging piles, the appearance of "zombie piles" due to inadequate management and maintenance, or the long charging time faced daily, the difficulty of high-speed charging during holidays and the long queues, etc., have become factors that trouble users.


According to industry insiders, the introduction of a series of policies has attracted the attention and exploration of a large number of enterprises; at the same time, because of its convenience and timeliness, the application and promotion of the battery swap mode is getting faster and faster, which will inevitably lead to industry changes.


Although the leaders in various fields on the power exchange track have started one after another, it is extremely difficult to implement and popularize the power exchange mode.


On the one hand, the research and development direction and progress of various car companies and battery manufacturers are different, so that the size specifications, energy density and battery structure of the power batteries produced by them cannot be unified, resulting in the replacement station can only serve a single brand of models. It is easy to cause problems such as repeated construction of the power exchange station and low use efficiency.


On the other hand, different car companies install power batteries in different ways and locations, resulting in different methods of battery replacement for new energy vehicles, and it is difficult to achieve compatibility between different battery replacement methods and different models.