Six major trends in the development of new energy electric vehicles

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New energy electric vehicles will be at the intersection of global political, economic and technological breakthroughs


Due to the consideration of energy security and environmental pollution, countries have pushed forward new energy strategies one after another. New energy has become a revolutionary variable. If new energy breaks through obstacles and completely replaces traditional energy, the traditional industrial structure will accelerate the evolution and upgrading.


At present, although electric vehicles and hydrogen energy vehicles are in a battle for new energy power, there are certain difficulties in the preparation, storage, transportation, and filling of hydrogen energy, and the cost is relatively high. Car companies are more inclined to electrification. Therefore, the development of new energy electric vehicles has become a strategic commanding height for major countries to seize.


At the same time, the government is an important force in promoting the development of new energy electric vehicles. The market's demands for the development of new energy electric vehicles and the surging capital constitute the fundamental driving force for the development of new energy electric vehicles.


The three-electrical technology (electric motor, battery and electronic control) of electric vehicles in the market has continuously made new breakthroughs. In particular, the battery technology as the core competitiveness has formed a technical system including lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium, and solid-state batteries. Capital such as SoftBank and Goldman Sachs have increased their layout, and new energy electric vehicles will continue to lead the growth of the capital market.


Intelligence and networking will enable the accelerated development of new energy electric vehicles


Compared with fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles will maintain a medium-to-high growth rate due to the influence of "dual carbon". And the new energy vehicle presents the triple nature of "electricity + intelligence + network connection".


Driving high-quality development with digitization and intelligence has become China's national policy. Intelligence and networking have fundamentally changed the way people travel, surpassing battery evolution and cruising range, bringing industry subversive surprises. Autonomous driving and human-vehicle interaction experience have become the battleground for the industry.


On the autonomous driving route, foreign companies represented by Tesla have formed a pure vision + algorithmroute, and domestic independent brands and new forces have formed a comprehensive route of camera + high-precision map + lidar. The two routes will be Present a new situation of confrontation and competition. Along with confrontation and competition, there will be a new trend for auto companies to merge vertically and horizontally. For example, SAIC and Horizon will polish the core technology platform of "chip + algorithm + tool chain", and cooperate with Ali to develop the Zebra Zhixing system, build intelligent network connection, and launch Zhiji cars. ; Dongfeng teamed up with Baidu to carry a human-vehicle AI interaction system, etc.